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It’s me.


Hi. My name is Adam. The internet commonly knows me as Tuckinator. This is a very nice wordpress theme on a website, which will show you some of the things that I do. I work at the University of British Columbia, in educational tech. It is a nice job but that is not really what this website is about. It’s about all the other things. In my spare time I write, play games, and mix music. I love horror, and camping, and evening walks and this is starting to read like an online dating profile.

If you’re here because of Bones of the Coast, thank you so very much. It is my only published writing so I’ve got nothing else much for you, but you can follow me on twitter to hear about when I do any more. I would however direct you to my good friend and colleague Christian Lett (piig) who worked on that spooky story with me. If you aren’t here because of Bones of the Coast, and if you enjoy scary stories and comics, you should check it out!

On this website I have a blog. I write whatever I want in it, and you can read it. It really is the future. I write about horror, and game design, and storytelling, and other things that I have thoughts and opinions about.

I also think you are a rockstar for reading my bio – thank you!!