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Adam writes about his 2015

A very happy 2016 to all you fine folks. I actually wrote this and never published it, so I’m retroactively publishing it a year ago today. I wrote about some of my favourite things that happened to me in 2015! Including:

    • Getting the first comic I ever wrote accepted into Bones of the Coast. It’s a comic anthology of horror stories, published by Cloudscape. There’s a Kickstarter coming out for it soon. Right now, we’re still hard at work making it. There are some super talented artists that are in this collab and I’m humbled (albeit feeling severely not worthy) to be in it with them.(Some people have asked me when the Kickstarter is coming out. …trust me, if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter or literally anything, you’ll know. It will be abundantly clear.)In tandem with this…
    • Going to my first VanCAF. Oddly, I don’t read many comics and that aforementioned first one isn’t even done yet, but despite this. VanCAF is the most fun I have ever had at a con in my life. The people are wonderful, it was the perfect size, met a ton of cool people, got creative juices flowing. I also volunteered and got to help with putting the thing on. It’s happening again this year, over the May long weekend, and many of my friends will be exhibiting there – it’s a free show and I think you should fully come see it if you’re in town.
    • Visiting the UK for the first time. It’s been high up on my list for most of my life and I was able to go with the New Horizons group from London (the fake London, in Ontario). We started in Edinburgh and worked our way south to London and played music in a bunch of cities on the way. Edinburgh has ended up winning the prestigious “Most Likely City Adam would Live in (but probably still not because it ain’t in Canada)” award. I find that city beautiful and my exact sort of vibe. Walking around there felt completely natural and like I fit right in.
    • Board games! I’ve sort of become ‘that guy’. Honestly I’ve largely traded it with video games as a hobby and I’m not sorry about that. Playing tabletop games with people is totally rad and I have so many chances to do that with cool people and those ended up creating memories too numerous to list, but ended up being the most fun things I did this year.


  • DJing! I am still way into this hobby and I’m getting better all the time. I’m particularly proud of a few mixes from this year, these three I really enjoyed taking a specific theme/style of music and running with it really well. They may not hold the same value for other folks but they are severely nostalgic to me already and have really strong sense memories for the fun stuff I got up to during 2015.

  • This is all going to be one big point, but welcoming Noémi and her family and friends into my life has been a wonderful experience. The woman herself is an incredible companion to have. We compliment each other so well, and enjoy one another’s company through anything we’re doing.

A bit more on Adam’s favourite stuff from 2015. It’s lovingly placed under a heading below, which reads:

Adam’s Favourite Stuff from 2015.

Adam wrote a few lists of top ten items. He likes doing that. He liked so many board games this year, from last year, that he also made a list about last year’s games this year in addition to writing about this year’s games, also this year. You still with me?

He also made a big ol Yearmix (I think Armin coined that term) of his favourite songs of the year. You can listen to it! It is below. There’s a full list of the songs and they’re timecoded so it’ll be easy to go find any that you like.

It’s a bit late to say so but I wish all y’all a Merry Christmas and most importantly, have a happy and healthy new 2016. It’s already gotten off to a pretty excellent start for my loved ones and me, and I hope yours goes just as well.

Yearmix 2015 by Adam Tuck on Mixcloud

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