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Music and Radio

I’m a bedroom DJ – I take a lot of my favourite music and sounds, and mix them together in full live sets. I don’t edit these after I’m done for anything but length – I like keeping it the way it was, blemishes and all. It makes it feel more like mine that way. My friends have expressed interest in being able to listen to these mixes, so I host them on the internet for you to enjoy.

Mixcloud has a full account of all my shows – Soundcloud often took them down for copyright infringement. Can’t imagine why. I’ve since ditched that account, but Mixcloud still works just fine. My most recent track, via the magic of code, is below:

Shows by Adam Tuck on Mixcloud

I’m also frequently on this internet radio station, DS106 radio. I do live shows there whenever I record content, which I don’t like to announce to people that often due to crippling performance anxiety. Listen to what’s playing right now: