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Sabin is Awesome

Sabin was my favourite right from the start. Very quickly they establish that despite being the one up next to rule, he never particularly wanted that for himself. He shows a lot of respect for how clever his brother is and is totally happy to follow his lead. He never gets offended – when the joke is at his expense he laughs along with everyone else. His laughing animation looked the most fitting on him – I imagined his as a wholehearted deep-voiced guffaw that fills the room.

He’s just such a good person, no bullshit. After the world ends, Celes finds him and helps him save someone from a collapsing building. After that, she asks him to come along and take on the most powerful being in existence and help save the world, and he’s just like “yeah sure let’s do this”. He was the first person I recruited and had only selfless reasons available to want to come along.

It looked like he ran away from the kingdom during a difficult time – and I guess he did? But he knew that it was going to be Edgar that would be a much better king, so he made sure that happened, and went away into the mountains. He still wanted to commit his life to protecting the kingdom, so he spent years training himself and getting ripped. Until he could hold up a house no problem. Training montage style, you take him through the apex of that training until he gets hilariously strong.

In my game he ended up being the sole character that damaged Kefka, and he beat him. He beat a god to death with his bare fucking hands.

Sabin has no ego. He just regards his muscles as a tool, something he can use to help other people. Sabin is completely selfless and a goddamn fucking badass.

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