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The Three Lies we Tell Ourselves in Dark Souls

I have so many unpublished blog entries. I have to just start publishing unfinished thoughts and stop waiting around for myself to go finish them. Like this one! Here’s one from when the last Dark Souls came out. This applies to literally all the souls games, including Bloodborne.

  1. I can get one more hit in.

    When you’re wailing away during an animation, you hit the attack button just that one more time. Maybe it’s to try to push your timing and maximize damage. Maybe you’re impatient. Maybe you’ve been playing a while and you’re tired. Maybe you’ve got a lot of stamina left despite being at the end of an animation and you’re hoping it doesn’t go into an attack quickly enough. But you do it. And usually you take a punish for doing so. Learning those attack timings helps, but avoiding unnecessary damage is going to see you keeping your souls more often.

  2. I don’t need to heal just yet.

    I mean you probably should. If you have this thought, then it’s probably because you’ve created yourself some distance, or the enemy is stunned, or something else has bought you a breather. You’ve also probably got half health or more. Being able to keep your confidence high and keep the pressure on will stop you from having to burn more healing total, rather than trying to budget and dreading taking more hits. Also that hesitating is probably also getting you killed.

  3. This enemy is too weak to kill me.

    No it’s┬ánot.

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