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Top 10 Movies of 2016

Much more brief list this year of my top ten movie picks. None of them will be super surprising.

  1. Star Trek: Beyond

    I went in hoping for a fast & furious styled space movie, and this literally gave me that. We also saw it with that extra widescreen peripheral theater thing in Edmonton, so it was just a straight up movie spectacle. (Noémi also got the interview call for her current job as we were leaving… good memories associated there.)

  2. Lights Out

    I want to encourage this. Based on a terrifying short film you can watch right now (preferably not before bed), this one maybe spends way too much time trying to give its monster a story/history when it really doesn’t need one, but it’s still decently paced horror and god damn, the central concept is still so good.

  3. Deadpool

    I didn’t enjoy it as much as most people but I did enjoy it more than some of the more by-the-numbers hero movies out recently (I’m looking at you, Ant man). Also nice to see Colossus generally being a swell guy.

  4. Don’t Breathe

    Excellent suspense horror. Three kids try to rob a ton of money from an actually blind man. Of course they find more than they bargained for in there, and he’s ex-military and promptly locks them in and tries to hunt them down. Really good tension! Recommed this highly.

  5. Captain America: Civil War

    If batman vs superman represents how to do this type of hero film all sorts of wrong ways, this is how to do a movie with that sadness and tension very correctly. I was expecting to hate this entire experience (I don’t enjoy the hero vs hero thing at all) but I ended up liking it a lot, it’s just well-made and Black Panther kind of lowkey turned out to be the protagonist and hot damn I cannot wait for a Black Panther movie to come out oh god.

  6. Hush

    Another suspense horror, this is a breakin following the victim instead of the perpetrator, and the victim is deaf. I don’t want to talk about it too much because I think it’s really worth seeing – if it’s the sort of genre of horror you’d enjoy, just go watch it, I fully endorse it.

  7. Zootopia

    I was exposed to a lot of Disney growing up and it filled me with a lot of really weird ideas of how the world actually works. I wouldn’t particularly want to pass them on if given the chance. I’m filled with hope when I find movies that, if I did have kids, I would want to show them on loop over and over until that god-awful rihanna song became even more unbearable and grating than it already is. But, I’m so proud of this movie for getting so much so right, I’m even willing to forgive it for that, which speaks volumes.

  8. The VVItch

    I made the mistake of trying to put this on while I was doing something else – they speak in some old english and that turned out to require my full attention. The result didn’t disappoint, as it was this super tense story that gave me serious chills at the final turn. Excellent horror, probably the best of its kind this year.

  9. 10 Cloverfield Lane

    This couldn’t be more different than the monster movie from years ago but it’s somehow thematically exactly the same. A very scary/suspenseful tale that managed to keep me on the edge of my seat even during a second viewing when I knew what was going to happen. That first viewing kept me so tense, MEW and goodman’s performances are stellar and I’m going to enjoy showing people this movie so I can see how they react to it.

  10. Arrival

    I wish movies like this could win big awards. I’m not usually a big fan of deep sci-fi movies but this is such a masterful bit of that genre that tells such an excellent story. I had kind of the optimal experience and went into this having not seen any trailer or knowing what to expect, which is good, as I think the trailer mainly ruins the thing. It’s a gorgeous movie and I can only think of small little nitpicky things I would want to fix, and it’s just otherwise flawless for me.

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